Super Duper Excited about My Condo Being Repainted

Quick Update. So, guys, I’m super excited that my old condo looks brand new again due to a much-needed paint refresh. I have been holding on getting the interior of my condo repainted due to finical reasons, but yesterday the job was finally completed. I went ahead and got everything repainted: Trim, walls, ceilings and it looks like a new place. I honestly can’t wait for my friends to come over to take a look at the work the paint crew did.

I told them I would review them on my blog, so if you need any painting done, Brothers Colors Painting in Tampa, FL is the paint crew you must go with. They are extremely friendly and are finished a day earlier than expected. Here is there information:

Brothers Colors Painting Tampa

If you decide to use them let me know because I would love to know your experience with them as well.

Let’s Get Started on this Painting Journey

For my first painting I think I may try a mountain scenery. I grew up watching Bob Ross and have been inspired by his paintings. The drawing that I’m going to attempt is the one below which shouldn’t be to challenging. It just may take a little bit of practice to get it perfect.

I think I may eventually buy the book that is offered by him, but for now I will only watch the YouTube channels which are incredibly useful.